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One of the most important parts one needs while building a new PC is the powers supply. The power supply provides power to all the components of the computer, and a low-end power supply can damage vital parts of the computer like the CPU or the GPU. If you’re building a new rig at the moment, but do not have enough budget for a power supply, the Gigabyte PB500 power supply is available at a special offer price of 3200 INR for a limited time. .

        The Gigabyte PB500 is a 80+ bronze certified PSU that provides 500W of raw power on a single +12V rail. The PSU comes with a 120mm silent fan for noise reduction and a mesh braided cable for making connection to components in the system easier.  If you’re on a steep budget and need a decent PSU, this is an offer you cannot miss.

                                                                           The Gigabyte PB500 is available from all leading retailers like MD Computers, Vedant Computers and Primeabgb.

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