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Apt Games has unleashed an all new trailer for TERROR SQUID as part of Gamescom’s Awesome Indies showcase. Succumb to its score attack synth nightmare in this sneak peek ahead of its Fall release on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

TERROR SQUID is an easy to understand but difficult to master arcade game in which every enemy projectile is emitted by you, the TERROR SQUID. Set around a doomed planet, you’re a cosmic chaos entity spinning around the world emitting all manner of hazardous projectiles. What goes around comes around, as your inky bullet reign of terror circles around the globe creating an apocalypse of your own design. TERROR SQUID obliterates genre conventions of tightly choreographed patterns, and instead puts you in the role of your own worst enemy. Think fast and strategically as you weave through a bullet hell of your own making!

Your objective is to survive for as long as possible without getting hit by your own projectiles. Survive for long enough and you can release a primordial blast of dark energy, detonating your projectiles in glorious chain reactions. Inspired by the spherical maps of Super Stardust and the short, intense action of Devil Daggers, TERROR SQUID is an endlessly addictive test of strategy and reflexes. Only the best players will manage to survive for even a minute in this unholy vector graphics apocalypse. Destroy worlds, ascend the leaderboards, and become one with the void in TERROR SQUID.

“TERROR SQUID has long been a passion project that merges Lovecraftian horror with Super Stardust-like arcade action and 80s darkwave music,” said Creative Director Syver Lauritzsen. “It’s more than just retro nostalgia though, as TERROR SQUID’s brief loops of ultra punishing action will test your skills and wits as you enter a flow state and become one with the TERROR SQUID.”

Add TERROR SQUID to your Steam Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148550/TERROR_SQUID/
For more information about TERROR SQUID visit: https://terrorsquid.ink/

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