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The very active Brazilian Rainbow Six scene is in the spotlight once again!

The arrival of Faze Clan on the Rainbow Six: competitive pro scene makes perfect sense as the US-based organisation has a long-lived and very successful association with competitive first-person shooters.

FaZe Clan have chosen Team Fontt, a roster known for their fast, entertaining and high-risk playstyle to reach success in the disputed Rainbow Six Pro League competition. They are considered as one of the best teams on the worldwide Rainbow Six scene.  Thanks to key players like gohaN and Astro, they have won the LATAM Pro league Season 2 playoffs and reached the semi-finals of the Pro League finals (seasons 2 and 3) twice.

FaZe Clan is the second esports juggernaut to recently acquire a Brazilian roster, following the Team Liquid announcement earlier this week.  Both teams will have their first major test under a new prestigious name at the Six Invitational 2018 next month, which runs from February 13th to 18th in Montreal.

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