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Mikail “Maikelele” Bill announced that he will be competing in CS:GO again, with his future plans including the former fnatic in-game leader Markus “pronax” Wallsten.

After departing from Red Reserve in August, Mikail Maikelele Bill took a step back from competitive CS. The Swedish player that represented organizations such as LGB, NiP and G2 in his career has recently been giving hints about getting back in the saddle and has finally confirmed his plans today during a Twitch stream.

After going in depth about former teams (you can watch the full VOD here), Maikelele stated that he is ready to work to get back to where he was previously in his career and acknowledged that it will take a lot of time to achieve that goal.

Maikelele also mentioned that his future team is not fully set and that the squad doesn’t have an organization lined up yet, but that Markus pronax Wallsten, Jacob pyth Mourujärvi and Aleksandar jayzaR Zarkovic are players that he is counting on.

The fifth player has not yet been decided, but Maikelele revealed that one of the options is his teammate from the G2 and dignitas days, Joakim jkaem Myrbostad.


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