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PUBG had marked a meteoric rise since its inception in Early Access. The game enjoyed a good few months as the most played game on Steam. The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 was the first large esports tournament for the game, which did pretty well in terms of viewership, attracting viewers with stuff like exclusive giveaways of cosmetics. Despite the rise of PUBG esports as a whole, there has been a lack of clarification about the classification of India in any of the several groups specified by PUBG Corporation for the tournaments.

                     The lack of clarification about the actual region does lead to quite some confusion among Indian players as a whole. Geographically, India falls in the SEA region for esports, but the country list furnished by PUBG Corporation for SEA region does not include India. This has prompted Himadri ‘Royy’ Roy to take the issue to Reddit, asking for an official clarification, and the inclusion of India as a region, allowing Indian teams to participate in the tournaments. Royy currently plays PUBG PC professionally for team Global Esports.

               In his post, Royy states that India has been one of the biggest regions for the growth of PUBG, but India hasn’t been mentioned as a country in any region for any PUBG PC global tournament organized so far. He further says that this makes it harder for Indian PUBG teams to get an opportunity to compete against other teams on a global level. Royy’s demand is backed by other players like Shubham ‘Saddieboy’ Parth, Parjender ‘xcelr8’ Nara and Mohit ‘sup3rm4d’ Rajgaria.

                                                                                                                                          Any PUBG PC player reading this is requested to upvote the post so that it can get the visibility of PUBG Corporation and an Indian teams get an official response from them. Support on Twitter for including India as a region in PUBG PC tournaments is also welcome.

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  1. I am a pc Gamer too ive searched for India when PUBG PC Continental Series Teams Shown Up I didnt even know they havent Provided us Chance to Participate as we are most Players contributing for PUBG M , so sad can u provide links for Twitter I am ready to support and upvote for India, Jai Hind

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