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Ubisoft hasn’t exactly been one to stop the spread of rumors about their games. We still have the rumors of a Prince of Persia remaster floating about. In fact, despite being delayed to July, Ubisoft promises a good show with a lot of announcements. Rumors had suggested that a new Far Cry is in active development. In fact, prominent industry insiders have been eager to back those rumors up.

Industry insider Okabe leaks details about Far Cry 6.

Prominent industry insider Okabe has leaked quite a few promising details on Far Cry 6. According to him, the game is set in a new exotic location other than the continental United States – with a focus being laid on the tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean. The game also involved helping “zoos” (Possibly with creature capture or killing missions? One can only guess). According to Okabe, jetpacks as a quick way of getting around the islands would also be added. It also features the return of the cartels with organized crime rings reaching out to the United States and beyond. Okabe’s leaks also suggest that co-op plays a major part in the game.

The previous leak had come from Gamereactor.dk, who had accidentally revealed quite a few details that were supposed to be revealed during Ubisoft’s digital event. While it is almost confirmed that Far Cry 6 will debut during Ubisoft’s digital event, the nature of content to be shown hasn’t come into the public domain. This rumor might wrap up all doubts players might have about the next game in the series.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt and wait till July for a confirmation.

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