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Confusing headlines aside, if you want to get your hands on a early build of Fables Legend. This is your chance. Lionhead Studios are gearing up to finally bring their unique spin on the RPG franchise to the new generation of consoles. A closed beta is just around the corner, and you can sign up for it starting today.

Click here to sign up for Fable Legends closed BETA

All you need to do is head over to their homepage, and register with your e-mail address. A chosen few will then be contacted by the Lionhead team and you can finally get a sneak peek at the latest game in the Fable franchise.

I have to warn you though, Fable Legends replaces the tried and tested single player RPG formula and instead try something different for size. Fables Legend will allow 4 player class based co-op, in a dungeon mission against a overlord. The twist is that this time the overlord can be played by another player. The overlord can set up traps, and unleash minions of enemies to defeat the 4 players against him. Its basically like Evolve with FPS replaced by class based heroes.


Apart from that very little is known about the game. So if there are any other modes apart from the above mentioned 4v1, I am still to see it. That’s why this closed beta can be a wonderful oppurtunity for prospective buyers to build an interest into the game.

The Fable franchise has been a consitent staple on the Xbox platform. With Fable legends, Lionhead and Microsoft plan to extend their relationship into the next generation. Will it be fruitful or have people moved too far away from Fable?

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