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Elden Ring gets an Official Manga called ‘The Road to the Erdtree’… and it’s a comedy!

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The journey through the Lands Between might be tragedy for some, especially for those whose first From Software game is Elden Ring. This Elden Ring manga has finally arrived, and to our surprise, it’s a friggin’ comedy! Illustrated by Nikiichi Tobita, the creator of A Cursed Sword’s Daily Life!, Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree introduces a loincloth donned tarnished wretch called Aseo, who awakens in the Lands Between after getting ‘killed’ by a Grafted Scion that kicked everyone’s ass at the start of the game. His only hope of surviving the harsh, unforgiving world is a mysterious woman named Melina, who urges him to follow the guidance of grace to the Erdtree capital. And as we all know, she offers an accord—allow her to accompany you to the capital in exchange for making you stronger.

Deviating from the usual gritty atmosphere of From Software games, Road to Erdtree follows all the comical mishaps that 90% of players faced in the game, including potion management and even the barrage of pronouns relating to the game’s almost obscure but deep lore. The manga also features several characters besides Melina, like Godrick the Grafted, Gostoc the Gatekeeper, White-Mask Varre and every newcomer’s worst bully—The Tree Sentinel.

The Elden Ring manga is available for free on Kadokawa’s manga website ComicWalker. As of now, only two chapters have been released. Each chapter will be published after a two-week gap so expect a new chapter at around 19th September. 

Just remember, you need from right to left and that includes swiping through the pages.

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