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Sony’s new console has been an international hit. Built with a focus on ray-tracing as well as other features like DLSS, it’s a huge technological leap that has been welcomed by the fans. While the console has been retailing internationally for quite some time now, Indian fans had to wait before they could know when they could get their hands on one. The reason is simple – there has been a deafening silence from PlayStation India regarding the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the country. With an official announcement, it seems that the launch of PlayStation 5 is sooner than one might have expected.

A Twitter post from PlayStation India reads :

According to the post, the PlayStation 5 officially launches in the Indian market on 2nd February, 2021. Preorders for the console start from as early as 12th January, 2021 – a couple of days before the second half of this month. Preordering a PlayStation 5 is possible from most of the major retail partners for PlayStation India like Flipkart, Amazon, Croma, and Games the Shop. The post ends with an apology for the deafening silence that had followed in the months to come following the global launch of the console.

There were a few hurdles that had to be explored before an official launch. The worst reason, possibly, was because of a counterfeiter who had registered the PlayStation 5 trademark in the country before Sony could. A clear launch deadline could only be achieved after action was taken against this guy – someone who was also known for selling counterfeit PlayStation 4 controllers on Amazon.

What’s the first game you hope to play on your brand new PS5? Do let us know!

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