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Massive Work Studio is currently working on an action RPG that mixes sci-fi with Lovecraftian cosmic horror titled DOLMEN. The studio has taken the promising title to Kickstarter in order to get the game to a polished state, as well as attract publishers to reach multiple platforms and support additional multiplayer elements. The studio is asking for a base goal of $15,000 for the polished beta version of the game, of which $8,935 has been funded with 33 days remaining in the clock.

DOLMEN is described as a “third-person Action-RPG has a heavily Lovecraftian-influenced plot that calls players to find some of the darkest secrets of the universe.” The studio promises that DOLMEN will feature strategic dynamic combat, deep exploration, crafting and tonnes of other cool stuff. They have also revealed their stretch goals up to $300,000 with each tier adding lots of extra content upon reaching specific goals.

Watch the official Kickstarter trailer for the game below:

You can find DOLMEN’s Kickstarter page over here, which contains a great deal of information regarding backer rewards, stretch goals, platforms and all that jazz.

 DOLMEN will be initially released for PC/Windows through Steam.

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