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AtomTeam has announced that they have updated ATOM RPG with some free festive content, which includes:

  • A new game map;
  • New enemies;
  • New Winter-themed items and weapons;
  • A Christmas tree;
  • An update for controller users;
  • Some new art and many bug fixes.

This update is winter-themed one, where you will set out into the inhospitable Mountain Pass of Woes to eradicate a tribe of malformed, mutated snowmen for a chance to get new items including two fun little weapons and some hats.

As always, if in-game events aren’t your thing and you want to keep your game well away from such light-hearted additions, you can simply turn off the festive content with a single mouse click.

You can get more info on the update via the Steam news section:  https://steamcommunity.com/app/552620/allnews/


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