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MUTANT: THE GREY DEATH is a campaign for the award-winning tabletop RPG Mutant: Year Zero where mutants, animals, robots and humans must set their differences aside and work together to face a threat that could change the Dawnworld forever.

The adventure has been added as a brand-new stretch goal that is part of the current Mutant: Elysium Kickstarter by Free League Publishing.

The Grey Death adds an over-arching metaplot for Mutant: Year Zero and the stand-alone expansions Genlab Alpha, Mechatron and Elysium and brings them into a larger narrative. The adventure is written by Michael Petersén, one of the original game writers of the first Mutant RPG and is an homage to a classic campaign published in the 1980s.

If the stretch goal is reached, backers of Mutant: Elysium will get The Grey Death as well, in PDF or as a printed hardback book.

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