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After Ninja Theory’s reboot of the original Devil May Cry series, Campom seemingly working on a new DmC title, but surprisingly, it’s not going to be a sequel to DmC’s 2013 reboot.

Campom is heading back to its roots and maybe decided to continue the franchise with the fifth installment in the fan-favourite DmC series, ignoring Ninja Theory’s reboot.

As appeared on Voice Actor, Nil Hognestad’s CV, it seems like he’s on board with the development of the game as you can clearly sees the mention of “Devil May Cry 5” by Capcom on his CV.

Source: technewstoday.com

However, hours after the news broke, the rumour is cemented as the actor removed DmC 5 from its resume.

Previously, it was also hinted by two mo-cap artist, Ruben Langdon and Johnny Yong Bosch. Ruben voiced the series’ protagonist Dante, whereas, Johnny voiced Nero in DmC 4. Both actors were spotted wearing motion capture suits couple of months ago, and it could possibly be hinting towards a new entry in the beloved series.

Johnny and Ruben

Officially, Capcom hasn’t announced a new DmC game yet and we haven’t seen any new DmC title running on a PS4, except those remastered. While we don’t know why Capcom has decided to carry on the previous series, it could be fans’ uproar regarding to the reboot.

Source: Technewstoday.com

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