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Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Avalanche Studios, developers of Just Cause and Mad Max, has finally unveiled the gameplay for Generation Zero, an open-world action co-op survival game.

“In Generation Zero, you play as a young adult returning from an island excursion together with friends,” says the narrator in the video. “Upon reaching the main land you discover the world abandoned with no other people around…worst yet, you find yourself hunted by a mysterious force of deadly machines.”

The game is set in 1980s Sweden where pugnacious machines have taken over the countryside, you, along with your friends, have to figure out what had happened to the city as well as continue to fight back and survive. You can start off the game in solo mode or in co-op with upto three players.

Generation Zero is powered by Avalanche Studios’ Apex Engine, the same one used for Just Cause 3 and Mad Max. It will feature a full day/night cycle, weather effects, weapons with realistic ballistic properties and more.

The game is scheduled for a 2019 release window for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

You can also sign up for an upcoming closed beta by clicking here.

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