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Studio Wildcard hasn’t been relaxing past the release of ARK : Survival Evolved from Early Access, delivering more content than ever in frequent updates. If small bunches of content weren’t enough, be prepared for new DLC itself! Yes, a new ARK is going to be added to the bunch of ARKs where you can play about in!

Aberration is the title of the new DLC. In a damaged ARK, where the internal atmosphere have been damaged, and the sun now leaks of radiations harmful to the humans trying to survive on it. With environmental hazards at every point on the surface, players must go underground in an attempt to try and make a base for survival. The denizens of the deep aren’t so kind either, so be prepared to face resistance as you move deeper into the surface.

New modes of traversal including ziplines, and wingsuits, because you need to travel over chasms and pits frequently without falling in. The wingsuit might be the budget option for players starting out, as it offers a decent amount of mobility for supposedly much lesser resources. It might also open avenues for aerial combat, only accessible by Tek stuff earlier. New armor and weapons, new items to craft, and of course, lots of new creatures.

New creatures include the chameleon like Rock Drake, who can climb and walk on walls, and go invisible to creep up on inaccessible spots and on unsuspecting prey. The Lantern Pug, one of the light emitting creatures in the deep, possibly one of the first tames when you enter the underground caverns. One of the most durable tames for clan wars would be the Cave Crustacean, who can grab and toss off multiple creatures. If you’re a daring high level character, and find yourself in need of big creatures, the Nameless Queen is your creature, though taming it will prove to be challenge, what with her cohorts guarding her when she spawns and hunts for prey.

Aberration will be a fully priced DLC just like Scorched Earth, with a price of $19.99. If you’re in possession of the Season’s Pass, worth $44.99, then you are automatically entitled to the DLC when it launches. Aberration has a confirmed launch date in October, 2017, though the exact date has not been announced.

Check out the trailer here :

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