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In recent years, Cooler Master has combined elements such as gaming and makers. It hopes to provide a platform for players who love esports to play against their relatives and friends. In order to effectively put the idea to practice, Cooler Master is hosting the PUBG Master Cup 2018, an tournament in the Asian region where everyone gets to participate, but only the best prosper.

The game is to be played in the elimination format to determine the participants for the actual games. The game will be played on the Asian servers, and will be playable in three formats – Solo, Duo and Squads. For Duo and Squads, every team needs to present atleast 2 and 4 members respectively. If you think you have the skills to go and get yourself the sweet Chicken Dinner, all you need to do is register your team here. You get points for each kill and for your end-game rank. The top teams advance to the next stage. Two maps for having a fair playoffs – one on Erangel, and one on Miranmar. With 300 players for each format – the game can never be too easy, since only the best will win the tournament. Prizes include a Masterbox Q300P and 10000 gems for each player who finishes first, a Masterset MS120 and 4000 gems for each player who finishes second, and 800 gems for each player who finishes third. (Gems is a sort of currency used for purchased on the official Cooler Master site).

This is a very good opportunity for upcoming PUBG players to showcase their talent, and herald the rise of a new esports-ready game in the scene.



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