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The DreamHack Open and Closed Qualifiers have been going around the world for quite some time, the latest and the most popular ones being the LA League. Likewise, another tournament in Austin, Texas was announced by ESL a few days ago.

Recently, ESL has publicly disclosed information regarding the closed qualifiers where eight teams will be contesting for a prize pool of $100,000. The tournament is set to unfold from the 1st June upto the 3rd of the same month.

The official rules, as reported by HLTV, state that ‘the teams will go through an open qualifier before one winning team from each region qualifies to the event after a best-of-three closed qualifier’ 

Eight teams have been invited from the North American and European division, four from one each. The teams are listed below:

Europe Europe
Europe Imperial Poland AGO
Sweden GODSENT Denmark Fragsters
North America North America
United States compLexity United States Rogue
United States Splyce United States eUnited
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