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The Kolkata qualifiers for the FIFA tournament organized by LudusPro and Jackpott – the King of all Deals took place at Cafe 4/1 on May 26 and May 27. Participants came down in huge numbers, each of them eager to know about the tournament, and about the organizers, whom they have not seen in any tournaments before. Students and young professionals alike took part in the event, with an eye on the prize – a spot in the actual tournament at Lion’s Den,Gir. Organizers had a gala time explaining LudusPro’s role in organizing esports tournaments in cafes around India, besides the tournament format, and the possible prizes for the winners.

Rajdeep Mukherjee
Arkam Zahid

The best two players in the tournament were easily Rajdeep Mukherjee and Arkam Zahid. Rajdeep, a Class 9 student, surprised everyone with his prowess in the game. He eventually got beat by Zahid to become the runner-up, but nevertheless, remembered for his extraordinary FIFA skills (especially for his age). Zahid secures a spot at the National Qualifiers in Lion’s Den,Gir.



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