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If you’re really good at getting your game on, then take your chances at ‘The Skirmish’. Sounds quite Hunger Games-esque? Nope,it’s not related to the battle royale, but is an Overwatch tournament hosted by Cooler Master.

The tournament takes place on 27-28th January, when the teams fight for glamour and a chance at the ultimate prize – a chance to face Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT). The final showdown with MBT takes place on 3rd-4th February, when the top two teams standing out among others in the tournaments face off each other and MBT and settle the score once and for all.

Go ahead and register for the tournament here, because time is running out!

For people seeking to buy Overwatch at a cheap price,it is available at Games The Shop at 1999 INR. Head here to buy it.

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