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Car Mechanic Manager and Car Trader Brings the Fun of Automative Management to the Nintendo Switch

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Car Mechanic Manager and Car Trader are two new automotive games that Ultimate Games S.A. is releasing on Nintendo Switch. The first game allows you to manage a car workshop, the second title focuses on trading used cars. The premiere dates of both games are set respectively for May 7 (Car Mechanic Manager) and May 12 (Car Trader).

The two new titles are addressed mainly to automotive fans who have a big interest in a car-related business. The publisher of both is Ultimate Games S.A. The launch dates for the digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) are set for May 7 (Car Mechanic Manager) and May 12, 2019 (Car Trader).

Car Mechanic Manager

The game created by InImages studio allows you to take on the role of a car workshop manager. The list of possible services includes several different types of activity, including e.g. washing, cleaning, repairing, painting and waxing. In the game, you can also buy used vehicles, repair and sell them.

In Car Mechanic Manager you can find 8 types of cars, 5 types of buildings, 14 various services and several dozen levels of upgrades and special tasks to be performed. The creators have also prepared an innovative system of changing trends and lots of opportunities for company expansion, and the number of visual combinations of cars exceeds a million.

Car Trader

The game prepared by Ultimate Games S.A. is an opportunity to try your luck in the trading of used cars. The gameplay boils down to participating in car auctions and purchasing different vehicles to later renew them and sell at a profit. Your decisions play a key role in whether an investment is fruitful or not. Success depends on a number of different factors including popularity trends for individual types of cars.

In total, Car Trader gives you the ability to buy around 100 different cars from 9 categories. The game creators have also developed options for the scale of car damage and workshop services in which cars bought on auctions can be repaired.

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