Dark Light

Liked the hierarchy of the Orks, and of course, the brutal way of forcing some of them to follow the light and make them your servants? Been killed repetitively by a particular Ork boss, who grew in power by publicizing it? Now get to face them in the next story expansion, and kill them in the most brutal, creative ways possible.

Thanks to the Nemesis Forge, the in-game nemesis system now identifies your worst nemesis, the one who drew the most benefits from your death. Face your ultimate horror, and end him (or don’t, because he’s too overpowered to kill at this point) in a variety of ways. Sauron’s forces become even stronger in Shadow Of War, and to destroy them, you need allies, faithful allies (or brainwashed ones, but who cares?) to face the ultimate enemy – Sauron’s Elite Forces. Get your most loyal follower to come with you as well, as you face new and tougher enemies like never before.

Excited? Get Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor from Steam, available at 80% off the Steam Retail Price, and play through the story in a hurry, as you gear up for Shadow Of War, scheduled to release on October 10.


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