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A new update to Starsector from FractalSoftworks has been pushed out, improving on the game’s already stellar mechanics, skills, and campaign narrative. Modern art and effects co-mingle with old school aesthetics to create a one-two punch of universal proportions!

What, do you ask, is Starsector? Take a slice of Star Control, mix it with a pinch of Master of Orion 2, add a dash of MechWarrior and stir it all up in Fractal Softworks’ special development pot, and you get a high-flying, laser-blasting, tactical-jaunt through the galaxy! Starsector is a game of space fleet combat, management, and role-playing as you command a fleet of starships in tactical combat. Explore, trade, engage in epic space battles, and level up your ship in this open-ended sandbox game set in a lost sector of the galaxy. Find adventure, glory (or infamy), and profit (or ruin) among the far-flung frontier. While no date has been announced for launch, access to the game is available by pre-ordering Starsector, which will players access to all builds going forward until release.

Check out the full update log for Starsector on the development blog and pre-order Starsector on Windows, Mac and Linux for $15.00 USD for early access to all features before launch at the discounted price.

What’s New in Starsector

Get your starfleet on in Starsector, currently in development from FractalSoftworks (a studio of one industrious developer with a deep passion for sci-fi). There was recently a big update, which introduced a ton of new content (listed below), so if you enjoy nostalgic, raging space battles be sure to request your code on Terminals!


Here are some of the new things you can do in this release:

  • Establish colonies! Build up industrial production to make a profit, improve your colonies, and protect them from many dangers
  • Visit a port-side bar to find missions and other opportunities
  • Fight alongside – or against – massive orbital stations
  • Create your own faction and set up its military doctrine
  • Find blueprints and use them to let your colonies produce ships, weapons, and fighters
  • Face enemy ships with dynamically generated weapon load-outs
  • Discover new dangers and derelicts on the fringes of the Sector
  • Explore planetary ruins
  • Raid core worlds for plunder or to disrupt your competition
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