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Witcher 3 is still fresh in our minds and one of it’s more appealing aspects was the introduction of the card game Gwent. Basically it is a game inside a game that allows you to game inside a game when… uhhh, gaming? Well this card game has gained a lot of traction over time and now a petition is being signed on Change.org to make it into a proper physical game. The description of the petition states:

Gwent is the widely popular trading card game from the award winning game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developed by CD Projekt Red. This is a card game that has 2 players attempting to beat his/her opponent within 2 rounds of gameplay by having a higher card rating count within the turn. This game became highly addictive for many fans of the series, including myself, and has become even their focus when it comes to playing the game itself. This game features fast paced gameplay that gets straight to the action and forces the opposing players to think 2 turns ahead of their opponent, much like chess. The reason I have started this petition is yes, they did recreate the 4 decks from the Witcher game, but 2 of the 4 are extremely rare and expensive and there is no trading facet of it because each deck is a complete deck with all heroes and every card for said deck. So I thought “Why can’t an actual trading card version of Gwent be put out on the market with more deck themes and a trading element?” So I now bring my case to change.org to see if this can truly happen! Also, because of the Witchers wild success, with proper marketing I believe a full blown printed version of Gwent (printed by Panini) would be a not only successful venture, but a successful card game that would bring a whole community of fans together in the spirit of enjoying the card game that is Gwent. Please band together with me in an attempt to make this a reality and maybe one day, much like the game, you too will find yourself playing against others for their rare cards and winning in tournaments filled with fun and fast paced excitement! Hopefully if this petition goes through, CD Projekt Red will work with a card printing service (cough PANINI cough) to help distribute a fully fledged, working Gwent trading card game that all of us can enjoy.

The petition has been started by Cori Zamperally and to be honest, I hope that this petition gains a lot of followers. TO sign the petition you can click here.

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