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Interplay Entertainment was one of the biggest publishers of the 80’s and 90’s. Founded by Brian Fargo and owning legendary studios such as Black Isle, Interplay is home to classics such as Wasteland, The Bard’s Tale and Fallout. The publisher is nothing but a shell of its former self, devoid of many original employees and IPs, including Fargo.

It was a pleasant surprise when Brian Fargo, now CEO of Inxile Entertainment announced via Twitter that he wants to buy Interplay back. Of course, buying a publisher is hardly equivalent to going to a store and buying something. Fargo says there’s one condition before Interplay comes back to one of its original founders – you’d better buy The Bard’s Tale IV.

 “I will attempt to buy Interplay back if we manage to sell over 2 million units in the first 18 months”, said Fargo.

Despite losing many of its iconic IPs, there are still a bunch of good IPs remaining at Interplay such as Dragon Wars, Earthworm Jim, Sacrifice, and Kingpin. Fargo did announce that he would be retiring after the release of Wasteland 3. Maybe his plan is to oversee production through Interplay. Let’s hope it works out for him. We wouldn’t mind seeing the classic “by gamers, for gamers” motto again.

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