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Nintendo’s announced a free update for the ink-driven, team-based third person shooter on the Switch. The update will add content subsequently over the course of weeks and includes new stages, gears, hairstyles as well as a new gameplay mode.

Here’s the gist:

– Four New Stages: Apart from the two brand new stages, MakoMart and Shelldorf Institute, the update also adds two fan-favorite maps from the original Splatoon (on Wii U) – Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall.

– New Salmon Run Stage: Nintendo’s spin on the classic “horde mode” is also getting a new map called Salmonid Smokeyard.

– New Gear: About 140 pieces of gear will be added, including headgear, clothes and shoes as well as some from the first game.

– New Battle Music: The new music content takes a page from punk and classical themes.

– New Hairstyles: Four new styles (two each for the male and female avatar) will be added.

– Higher Level Caps: Raises the level cap from 50 to 99; after reaching the max level, players can talk to the referee cat Judd to reset the level to ★1 and continue to level up.

– New Amiibo Functionality: This let’s you tap the appropriate amiibo to the NFC reader after which you can capture and share photos and even apply filters to them (similar to those in Super Mario Odyssey). It’s disappointing to see that such a useful feature is locked behind an amiibo. Hopefully that’s not the only way to unlock the photo mode, otherwise Nintendo’s in for some backlash.

– Gear Swapping: Now players can change gear without having to exit to the lobby.

There is another major update to be released mid-December that adds a brand new mode. Called Clam Blitz, this has players collect clams and throw them into the opponents basket; 100 points equate to victory, however the baskets are protected by a barrier which needs to be broken first using a Power Clam (which can be activated after collecting 10 normal clams) so players will need to be strategic.

What do you think of this update? Enough content to keep the game fresh?

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