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Nothing can escape the watchful eyes of Internet, and this was proved yet again. A ResetEra user, spotted a listing of Bloodborne 2 on Amazon Italy, and was even successful in pre-ordering the same. Apart from Bloodborne 2, the other game listed on the site was Sunset Overdrive. Both the games have a pretty vague release date, i.e., 31st December 2019, which is likely a placeholder.

Amazon Italy has also listed a new Splinter Cell game, which was expected at E3 2018, but it looks like the game will make its appearance in Gamescom, in August. Amazon also revealed the release date of Dreams, the upcoming PS4-exclusive. The game is all set to release on the much popular 22nd February, 2019 release date. Meanwhile Dark Souls Remastered is all set to release on the Switch on 31st August, according to the site.

Bloodborne 2: https://www.amazon.it/Bloodborne-2/dp/B07DLRGC8G

Splinter Cell: https://www.amazon.it/Splinter-Cell/dp/B07DLSH647

SS Overdrive 2 https://www.amazon.it/Sunset-Overdrive-2/dp/B07DLN3GV4/

Dream 2 https://www.amazon.it/Dreams/dp/B07DLY9V75

Update: The links don’t work anymore. Thankfully we got our hand on the SS of the listing

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