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Rainbow Six Siege is made by a diverse group of people from all cultures, and this time they have introduced a community challenge for Indian Independence Day with a peafowl charm.

The charm is called the ‘Indian Peafowl‘ and as usual, can be equipped on any weapon. The challenge can be initiated by using Ubisoft club Challenges- the requirement is to play with the attacking operator ‘Kali’ 5 times. After completing the challenge, you can redeem your reward from Ubisoft Club. Kali is the first and only Indian operator in the game and that is why she is chosen to be part of the challenge. The challenge is called the Lahori Gate Challenge, Lahori Gate being the main entrance to the Red Fort in the Capital of India – Delhi.


While Ubisoft is continuously showing interest and supporting the Indian gaming community, do you think Ubisoft will actually listen to the Indian community? Indian players have been demanding their own servers because the usual ping of the Indian players is roughly between 60-140ms, which is not suitable for competing with 16 ping players in the competitive scene.

Also, check out who will be the next attacker added to the game in the upcoming season here.

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