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RAGE 2 has been in the fire ever since players found out that the Steam version of the game was using the nasty Denuvo anti-tamper tech (it wasn’t even listed in the Steam store )while the Bethesda Launcher version did not use Denuvo at all. This obviously caused quite an uproar in the community and it didn’t take long for players to grab their e-pitchforks and call Bethesda out.

Thankfully, Bethesda has rolled out the first patch for RAGE 2. Among some fixes, it also completely removes Denuvo from the Steam version since the people behind the game saw “a few” requests. At least, they listened to community feedback and that’s always a win in my book.

According to the release notes, the first PC patch for RAGE 2 removes the Denuvo DRM, enables Crash Reporter for error reporting, fixes occasional crash related to Scaleform and crashes on startup, as well as an issue where Bethesda.net users would always default to English.

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