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NVIDIA hosted the Duo Streamer Invitational today and a total of 28 top streamers from the country took part in the tournament. Lunatic, aka Kapil Kumar, and his teammate Sylla, aka Akhil Sylla Garg, were the overall winners.

A total of 6 games were played and Lunatic’s team got a chicken dinner in two of the games, i.e., Game No. 4 (Erangel) and Game No.5 (Miramar) to take an unassailable lead with 905 points after the end of the 5th game. Lunatic’s team didn’t last too long in the final game, but their performance in the first five games ensured their lead at the end and they finished with a massive total of 1055 points. The final scores can be found below:

High10 gaming and SaddieBoy came 2nd and 3rd respectively. The winning team takes home two LG 24GM79G 144Hz Gaming Monitors, and viewers will be able to get the Zotac Mek1 at a promotional price till Sunday from LxG store.

    1. No one questions articles when it is about an invitational at international level, but somehow this is questionable. Anyways, we try to cover all gaming news, and tournaments as well, that’s why this post.

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