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Blizzard Entertainment is a company that seeks to make fully polished games for the PC and consoles, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t try to venture out on the mobile platform too. Hearthstone : Heroes of the Warcraft is a successful attempt of Blizzard on the mobile platform, a card game having millions of players, a sizeable fraction of which play from the mobile. Apparently, Hearthstone won’t be the only mobile game from Blizzard any longer.

A new Blizzard job posting (first spotted by NeoGAF user Nirolak) confirms a new game set in the Warcraft universe, to be released for the mobile platform. The listing is for an “unnanounced project for the mobile”, and the requirements list the candidate to be well versed in “creating imagery synonymous to the Warcraft IP”.

While fans are not exactly enthusiastic about a mobile Warcraft game, considering a new Warcraft RTS is so eagerly expected after Warcraft 3. Nevertheless, it does mean that Blizzard continues to expand the Warcraft universe, which means new games set in the Warcraft universe can be expected.

The NeoGAF forum where the job listing was first discovered points here :

The job listing on Blizzard’s Careers section:


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