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Excitement for new releases has reached a peak because of the lockdown. This excitement has resulted in people doing some digging to find more information about new releases to get hyped about. Leaks have been the order of the day in these trying times (some false, most true). Another interesting leak has been unearthed by people about Remedy Entertainment. It seemingly points towards Remedy’s next big unannounced project.

According to EpicData – the site having information on all releases on the Epic Game Store – Remedy Entertainment has several entries for a title called BigFish. If the name sounds awkward, it should – most games are referred to by a codename during development.

The official entry for BigFish was updated fairly recently.

The main listing (to be made available to all consumers) clearly references Remedy Entertainment as the game’s developer. The listing also seems to have been created on 11th May – fairly recently. Needless to say, this game would be an exclusive to the Epic Games Store, as Remedy Entertainment has signed a contract with Epic Games for timed exclusivity of all their titles. Other information on the nature of the game hasn’t been made public.

Several 'BigFish' entries could be seen from developer Remedy Entertainment.

The game seems to have a testing branch for only developers and a testing branch for the audience (which is likely meant for game reviewers or streamers who get early access to the title). The details were updated only two days back on 26th May, so an announcement is definitely coming on its way.

Like always, take this with a pinch of salt until an official confirmation comes through.

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