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2020 isn’t turning out to be a good year. COVID-19 has made everyone trapped within their houses – forced to work from home instead of from the office. Shifting to a remote work culture takes time, which adds more delay to already existing projects – especially if you want to cut down on crunch. This has resulted in delays in all major game releases for the year. The problem with delays is – you don’t get to experience games like Ghost of Tsushima soon.

One of the most hotly anticipated PlayStation exclusives this year, it seems that Ghost of Tsushima might be in for another delay. The official PlayStation Canada website is now showing a release date of 1st August,2020.

Ghost of Tsushima release date on the PlayStation Canada website is shown as 1st August,2020.

On careful analysis, one can infer that the actual release date might be 31st July or some day later in August (3rd August and beyond). The release date might be a placeholder, though it still points out that the game won’t be releasing on its original release date of 26th June, 2020.

Ever since its announcement, Ghost of Tsushima was an exclusive that had made fans wait with bated breath till 2020. Delays are definitely going to affect sales – as the hype dies down with time.

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