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I’m getting pissed off now! GTA online’s server on PS4 are down for at least 10 hours(well, nice support ROCKSTAR). If you are one of those players who always maintain daily and monthly objectives, am gonna say, this issue did ruined our day.
For now, Rockstar had acknowledged the problem and post a notification on their official site and assures us they will update whenever the problem is been solved. But you know what, Rockstar didn’t even say anything on the issue as why this is so happening. As talk of other console servers, they were running fine as usual.

*UPDATE :: Rockstar just updated on their site that the PS4 servers are up to work now, but their are still no official statement given on the issue. We will update more on the issue when Rockstar had something to say.

Stay tuned with us and with Rockstars official site to get the latest update on the issue.

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