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Bioware GM Teases A New Dragon Age or Mass Effect Game; More Content for Star Wars: The Old Republic Hinted

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Casey Hudson, BioWare general manager teased in a recent blog post that they are working on a “secret project”. Hudson thanked the community for supporting Anthem, and at the same time revealed that more information about the game will be revealed at the upcoming PAX West. Speaking of the new project he said that the team have heard the request of their fans and are working on a secret game, along with some more content for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He said, “Our Star Wars: The Old Republic team is hard at work on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises that I think makes it the game’s most exciting year yet. And yes–we hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like–we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while…”

Speaking of Anthem he said, “At E3, Anthem won over 30 awards including Best Action Game and Best PC Game, which was an incredible achievement for the team and a great sign of things to come. But the best part of the summer has been meeting players at these shows – hearing feedback and sensing the excitement as we head into the final months of development. That support means more than you can imagine to a dev team, and today in the halls of BioWare you can feel a new level of energy around making Anthem an amazing experience.”

He further added “But some of the most frequent questions we’ve had – which weren’t fully explored in our demo – had to do with story and character. Specifically, “how can there be agency of your story in a living world that you share with friends?”

It’s a great question, and in my opinion our solution to this design challenge is one of the most innovative things about Anthem. We talked briefly at EA PLAY about how the solution is called “Our World, My Story.” In the dynamic open world, everything is experienced in real-time by all Anthem players – day/night, weather, and world-scale events that shape the ongoing narrative of the setting. This is “our world,” which we share as a player community. Then when you return to Fort Tarsis, that’s actually a single-player experience, and it’s where you spend time developing relationships, making choices, and seeing consequences. That’s the “my story” part.”

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