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OlliOlli World is a bold new skateboarding action-platformer that’s bursting with personality. Flip and flow through the vivid and vibrant world of Radlandia, meeting colorful characters as you grind, trick, and air your way to discover the mystical skate gods on your quest for Gnarvana.

Traverse a delightful and weird world as you take on missions, challenges, and make new friends along the way. Customize your character’s looks, tricks, and style while you experience explorable levels with multiple paths that provide an array of opportunities for player expression. Challenge the world in Leagues or dare a friend to beat your best tricks on one of millions of sharable levels. Experience the accessibility, depth, and player freedom as you dive into the signature flow state gameplay of OlliOlli World.

OlliOlli World marks the third entry in the critically-acclaimed OlliOlli series from Roll7, the BAFTA and multi-award-winning independent studio.

Welcome to Radlandia!

Take a trip across a skateboarding utopia filled with eccentric characters and vibrant locations. Discover new paths, fresh side quests, rad rewards, and epic trick opportunities perfectly complemented by a hand-picked soundtrack.

Play at your level

Achieve mastery through millions of unique levels in sandbox mode or compete against rivals around the globe in leagues with a hugely deep combo system with over 100 moves to master and combine in your battle for the highest score.

Freedom of expression

Unlock special rewards that let you customize your character’s looks, tricks and style. Want to skate in your flip flops… go for it. Want to wear a bumble bee onesie …ok then… no judgement. In OlliOlli World as long as you’re on board anything goes!


OlliOlli World is available to pre-order now. Full details about each edition and pre-order incentives are available here. This upcoming action-platforming skateboard game rolls digitally onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on February 8.

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