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Bio Inc: Redemption, the medical malpractice simulator from DryGin Studios, will exit early access and release for PC via Steam on 8 March allowing would-be doctors and Grim Reapers alike the chance to save lives or gleefully end them.

Infect patients with a disease or do everything in your power to save them. Fight against friends to slay or save people in online competitive multiplayer with leaderboards and a matchmaking system. Other new features debuting at launch include a sandbox creation mode, a choice between male and female patients, and six new stages including bosses split between the life and death campaigns.

Bio Inc. Redemption will launch with a slew of new content including competitive online play complete with a matchmaking system and leaderboards, a sandbox mode and the ability to choose a patient’s gender. Three new stages including a boss will be added to each of the campaigns.

Separate campaigns for life and death give practitioners the choice to save patients or sentence them to a miserable demise. Infect patients with diseases in the death campaign, treating them as human Petri dishes for dastardly experiments, or diagnose symptoms in search of the root cause of infirmities to restore the ill to good health in the life campaign.

Twenty-four challenging medical cases feature more than 600 real diseases, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, and other conditions. The unprotected sex roulette wheel turns “spin to win” on its head, with the prize being one randomly selected STD to inflict on the patient.

Have fun at the expense of some of the most recognizable people around the world with Easter Egg patients such as Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton, Hitler, Jesus, and more. Want to make America great again and get rid of President Trump? Put him into a campaign as a patient and decide his in-game fate!

Bio Inc. Redemption is currently available via Steam Early Access in English, French, German, and Russian for $12.99 USD. The price will rise to $14.99 USD at launch.

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