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India was one of the biggest markets for PUBG Mobile, providing a bigger player base than any other market for the game. It was the zeal of the subcontinent’s players which fuelled the meteoric rise of the game in the mobile esports market (and esports in general). The country got its first taste of professional esports, with teams like 8-Bit Thug, TSM-Entity, Fnatic India, and Global Esports making a name globally in tournaments. Things came off to a slightly abrupt end as PUBG Mobile faced the banhammer from the Indian government following the clash in Galwan valley between Indian and Chinese troops. It might have taken a while, but it seems that PUBG Mobile might be making a comeback to its biggest market soon.

PUBG Mobile might be making a comeback in the subcontinent.

A LinkedIn advertisement for the post of Corporate Development Division Manager was posted a day earlier by PUBG Corporation suggests that the company might be revamping its Indian operations. PUBG Corporation, the company tasked with the development of the game, had decided to sever all ties with Tencent as a publisher in a desperate big to maintain its hold over the Indian market. The last anyone heard they were in conversation with the Indian government, and it seems like things might have eased a bit. In other words, Indians may expect to see the app back in the Play Store sooner or later.

It’s only a matter of waiting for the actual announcement to happen, which might happen sometime soon.

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