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Respawn Entertainment teamed up with one of the most popular Apex Legends content creators and streamers iitzTimmy to reveal the upcoming revenant rework, well this is the first time in the history of apex legends that a character is getting entirely reworked-entire abilities and playstyles which comes along with it.

What are the reworked abilities you ask me? well they are :

  • Assassin’s Instinct (passive): it allows the Revenant to see enemies who are low on health by 40%, revenant can also do swift movement and wall climbs. 
  • Shadow pounce (tactical): Revenant can dash forward towards the player’s desired direction.
  • Forged Shadows (ultimate): Revenant gets movement changes into shadows as the player moves around their opponents, these shadows can block damage. 
    • His regeneration process can be stopped if opponents deal damage during the regeneration of shadows.

As of now, the Revenant rework is getting mixed reviews from the Apex Legends community- some say it’s good and it will boost up the pick rate of Revenant in the game, and some say it’s going to be the same as usual.

Well, it’s kind of early to predict what will be the Revenant role in Competitive ALGS Matches but I can say that the devs have tried to mix his abilities from all the classes present right now in the game-but in regular matches when the season launches it’s pretty obvious that uts pick rate is gonna blow up.

Apex Legends season 18 Resurrection launches on August 8th, 2023.

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