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‘The Division 2’ Year 1 pass gives “instant access” to endgame specializations

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I’m pretty sure all you ‘would-be’ agents of The Division 2 are gearing up to retake Washington DC from nature, men and more men. As is customary with live service games these days, expensive editions of The Division 2 also comes with a mandatory Year 1 pass that surely adds something to the real meat of the looter shooter genre; the end game. Wondering what it might entail? We got you covered. Well, at least some of it.

According to a store listing, along with TBA thingies, the pass gets you a  week’s early access to the Year 1 Episodes-the three major pieces of DLC in its first year which will be free for all. So, those who pays more get access to free stuff one week early. We’ve heard more intriguing offers but don’t fret because Ubisoft is not giving you the short end of a rather long stick.  Pass holders will also get eight “classified assignments” which are probably bonus challenges, activities and cosmetics.

But the most interesting aspect of this news is that the Year 1 pass also gives “instant access to all Year 1 Specializations as they release”. Specializations are The Division 2’s version of prestige classes that lets you continue progressing your character after hitting that level cap. Now, we don’t know how these are implemented in the game to tell you more, but we’ll keep you updated as we know more.

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