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Wanted those hot cosmetics from the Apex Store, but didn’t have the coins to buy them? Don’t have a debit card that works on international stores? Games the Shop has got you sorted. Now purchase Apex Coins directly from Games the Shop, redeem in game and purchase your favorite Apex Legends cosmetics.

                                                                             The only sad thing is, the Games the Shop only stocks Apex Coins for the PlayStation 4 platform as of now. The price list for Apex Coins is as follows :-

Total coins Price
1000 Apex coins ₹  832.00
2000 (+ 150 bonus) Apex coins ₹  1,664.00
4000 + (350 bonus) Apex coins ₹  3,330.00
6000 (+ 700 bonus) Apex coins ₹  4,995.00
10,000 (+ 1500 bonus) Apex coins ₹  8,325.00

Apex Coins are also available at all offline Games the Shop stores.

Apex Legends is celebrating its first season – the Wild Frontier, with a Battle Pass of 100 levels and a Battle Pass bundle featuring 25 unlocked levels (out of 100). One of the best ways to spend Apex Coins is on the Battle Pass, and then grind up for the cosmetic bonuses.

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