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Want to make it into game development, but can’t find suitable tutorials to get started out? This isn’t exactly an issue unique to only a few people. Many want to enter the industry, grow a career from there, but few find the right way to get the skills to start off. Yeah, you can land a job in the gaming industry, but you would have trouble keeping it without the right resources. This is exactly where Gamedev.tv comes in. They have a wide range of courses to get you started on your journey in game development.

Gamedev.tv was made by Ben Tristem to try and teach people how to make their very first indie games. Since then, Ben’s popularity as an instructor has grown immensely, as he teaches not only how to design games, but also how to make a proper resume to make it into game development. Ben’s more of the Unreal guy, teaching blueprinting, multiplayer integration and C++ – the language used by the Unreal Engine. His partner Rick Davidson teaches Unity – everything there is to know about it. Gamedev.tv’s courses on Udemy are some of the highest-rated and most recommended game development courses, and now you can get it too, at a cheaper price.

Humble Bundle’s new game development course offers some of Gamedev.tv’s best courses together in one bundle. The tiers include:-

For the measly price of 1$, you’re getting to learn how to make it into the gaming industry. Game development can be a tiring process, sometimes more thankless than it seems. If you’re making a project on your own, a lack of motivation to continue due to errors or bugs can dissuade you from proceeding farther. Making a resume that stands out from others is also a Herculean task without the right guidance. With these courses learn how to make it into the industry without any hindrance.

If you can beat the average price paid by people for buying the bundle, you get to learn about Git and Blender. Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software used for making the various assets used in video games. Git is the world’s most popular version control system and a collection of repositories of open source projects in the cloud. Knowing both is essential to becoming successful in game development, and Humble Bundle has got you covered. At the time of writing, this segment was going for $21.09.

For $25, you get the grand package itself. Two courses on Unity, teaching you everything there is to know about the game engine to navigate your way around it (including coding). This section also includes a 30-day course exclusive to this bundle having everything from start to end for making a game. The course guarantees to be friendly for absolute beginners, especially ones who don’t have solid coding knowledge.


While these courses do provide a solid foundation to develop an interest in game development, they alone might not be enough. Online resources, particularly the documentation for Unity and Unreal engines (as they are the engines where most of the work in the industry is done). Besides, the threat of constant pressure and the lack of work-life balance is always there.


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