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GrackleHQ is a Job Board that Anyone Seeking a Job in the Gaming Industry Should Definitely Check Out

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If you’re trying out for a job in the gaming industry, then it must be tiring to scroll hours and hours through job listing under the “Jobs” section of several companies till you find a job with a requirement that fits your needs. GrackleHQ was born to solve exactly that problem. It’s a large job board containing all the listings that could be found freely from the “Careers” section of several companies all over the World Wide Web.

                           GrackleHQ’s site is pretty simplistic in terms of design. The home page contains an “About Us” section which detail their modus operandi for the site. The site states that “Grackle HQ gathers job listings from all over the game industry and organizes them to help you find game development jobs”.

The “Jobs” page of the site actually contains the listings linked to the actual listing on the company’s site. The dudes behind GrackleHQ have been working to add more companies to “Jobs” page, and welcome suggestions regarding specific studios which anyone wants added, or site features.

                                                                                                               Any studio wishing to be a part of the job board on the site as well as users suggesting any feature can reach out to them on Twitter, or talk to them on Discord.  GrackleHQ does not have any sponsored listings or ads, and people who want to contribute to the site can

                                                                                                                                                  Happy job hunting!

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