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Fancy a Career in The Gaming Industry? GlobalStep is Hiring Game Testers

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The gaming industry is in a new boom right now. With the COVID-19 crisis, more and more people are getting into gaming to enjoy with friends and family. While major developers are still having trouble shifting work back to their home, they have stepped up hiring for positions so that work can be done faster. No one likes delays – least of all gamers eagerly waiting for sequels like Bloodborne 2 (don’t worry, isn’t happening this generation).

If you’ve ever dreamt of actually being a part of the organizations that makes these games, then you’re in luck. GlobalStep is hiring testers for a new project that is in active development. Testers need to have some gaming experience (how else are you going to find that out-of-place pixel?) as well as decent communication skills in order to apply for the same. Hired people can work from home for now, and will need to shift to Pune after the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.

Interested people can drop a mail here with their resume.

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