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In an official blog post, it was informed that the game’s official release date will be pushed back to April 16 from the original release date of February 26. Developer Blue Byte reassured that the extra time was required to “deliver the best Anno experience possible at launch” and that the extra time will them “to deliver a game that fully lives up to its potential.”

              The game will also be getting another closed beta starting January 31, where selected users will get to witness the Industrial Revolution before their very eyes. More details about the game including the multiplayer and the campaign will be revealed in weeks to come.

                       From our personal experience with the game, Anno 1800 is indeed rough around the edges and may need some smoothing out before launch. The game has some performance issues which need to be fixed before the official release, so a delay is worth it. For more information about the current state of Anno 1800, check our preview here.

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