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For a long time, it looked like that we didn’t deserve a sequel/spiritual successor to Troika’s swan song Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. Enter Paradox Interactive with a new alternate reality game (ARG) called Tender that matches people via their blood type seemed to have an awful lot in common with the dark world of the World of Darkness.

According to Tender, something big is going to be revealed on March 21st in San Francisco, or GDC 2019, where 300 Tender users will be flown in. The aptly named CEO Malcolm Chandler’s memo calls next month’s reveal to be “the biggest announcement in the history of my company”. To further strengthen the guess that this might have something to do with Vampire,  this (now removed) clip from a recent Tender livestream shows Santa Monica Pier, a location a lot of Bloodlines players have fond memories of.

You can visit the Trust No More site for juicier, obscure tidbits of information.

I guess the waiting game is on Paradox. Do Troika proud. Also, a friendly reminder that Cyanide’s Werewolf: Earthblood is still in the works.

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