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The old days of video games, where one used to play along linear paths in order to complete objectives and advance along an engrossing storyline, were all but gone, when the ideals of “freedom” (or in other words, “freedom to explore”) came in to create a new generation of video games. A few stalwarts kept the principles of the old days alive, and one of them is undoubtedly Alan Wake, a horror-adventure game by Remedy Entertainment. However, Alan Wake’s days are numbered.

Remedy Entertainment, the parent developer and publisher behind Alan Wake, has announced that 15th May, 2017 is the last day for the game on the Steam store, on account of “expiring music licenses”. After that, it disappears forever, erasing any traces with it, except memories of gameplay and its awesome soundtracks in the minds of the gamers who had played it. In order to encourage all gamers to add it their library and play a “relic of the past times”, as many old gamers (mostly who started gaming in the 90’s) call it, Remedy will be organizing a Sunset Sale from 13th May to 15th May, offering upto 90% discount on the Alan Wake franchise.

This is the last chance for gamers to grab it and add it to their Steam account, and the price is quite reasonable too, for a “relic of the old era” in gaming, with its memorable soundtracks (which caused it to be evicted from it’s Steam store page in the first place). Interested gamers can check the tweet from Remedy Entertainment here :

Gamers interested in adding the game to their Steam library can add it from here.


  1. OH bad ass!!!! These games rocked the house man! Still gave me a fright here and there years later!

    Highly recommend this to anyone who does not have this gem…..”GET IT!!!!…..DO IT NOW!!!!”

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