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Tetsuya Takahashi, Monolith Soft’ Director has announced that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be getting a new Ver. 1.1.1 update, which aims to fix a few bugs along with adding some additional features. The complete patch notes can be found below -:

Additional Features

  • An easy mode will be added to Tiger! Tiger!
  • When you press the X Button, the Skip Travel screen will open the map to your current location. We hope this will make it easier to spot Skip Travel locations and Salvage Points on the map.
  • An additional 1:1 zoom on the mini map will be displayed by pressing the L Stick. This will allow improved visibility of your surroundings and make it easier to check quest locations.

Bug Fixes

  • After watching “Something in Common” from Chapter One: Encounters in the Event Theater, the camera starts shaking when returning to the game.
    Note: If you save the game in this state, the camera will stay shaking from that point onward. Please exit the game and restart it without saving.
  • For the regular quest in Gormott Province, “One Step Ahead,” if you gather a Healing Herb (quest item) at 12:00, the item is not counted in the quest log.
  • For the regular quest in Gormott Province, “A Young Man’s Prize,” if you gather a Snow-White Rhino (quest item) at 07:00, the item is not counted in the quest log.

Monolith also revealed that the following items will be given to expansion pass owners-

  • Driver Essentials Set: 10 Rare Core Crystals, 1 Legendary Core Crystal, and 3 Overdrives.
  • 30,000 ether, which can be used to upgrade Poppi.
  • Pyra’s Favorite Things: 5 x Jenerossi Tea.
  • Nia’s Favorite Things: 5 x Ardainian Bear Carving.
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