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It has already been leaked that Microsoft will be hosting two major conferences this year – with the first one dedicated to the reveal of the new Xbox console and the next one dedicated to the game reveals. Prominent new details have emerged after a detailed piece from Windows Central, and several industry insiders revealing their own information about the new console – including the fact that it has a younger sibling called Project Lockhart.

A prominent new trademark has been discovered. It has been patented for the Xbox Series X, supposed the superior variant of the next-gen consoles. The image looks surprisingly similar to the DirectX logo – which isn’t surprising since the original Xbox was called the DirectX box.

Secondly, it seems that there are two consoles up for reveal during Microsoft’s reveal event. The first console, of course, is the native Xbox One X next-gen console – also called Project Scarlett. What’s more interesting is that its sibling – Project Lockhart. Lockhart is an “aggressively priced” entry-level next-gen gaming console. More details about Lockhart are yet to come, but it is suggested that Lockhart will cut down on quite a few next-gen features in order to maintain the price. No details on a price have been revealed yet, but speculation puts the price around $300, which is cheaper than the launch price of the Xbox One.

As for the reveal, prominent industry insider Shinobi062 says that a reveal is “coming soon”. Microsoft insider Klobrille has confirmed the presence of Lockhart as an “aggressively priced next-generation Xbox” console. Klobrille also mentions that a reveal is coming soon.

There has been some speculation that the actual date for the reveal is on 5th May, though it hasn’t been confirmed.

Like all rumors, till an actual announcement happens – take this with a bunch of salt (or maybe lots of it).

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