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Both WWE and 2K have come out with some more information about the latest iteration of the wrestling game WWE 2K16. While for the visual enthusiats, there is also a trailer showcasing Finn Balor, which you can check out above. Rounding off a satisfactory report is a slew of screenshots from the upcoming game. Sadly there is none depicting the terminator in the ring.

Finn Balor will sport his ultra popular demon look in the game

While 2K have been telling everyone who would listen, that WWE 2K16 will feature the biggest ever roster in the history of the franchise, the latest features and improvements that have been added to game is what excites me the most.

One of the biggest improvements will come in the way reversal are handled in game. This time each player will start with a set number of reversal at the beginning of the game, which would then recharge over time during the match. This improvement will make players think twice before reversing anything and everything. Personally I am so glad that such an improvement is happening since it really hampered my online matches, where my connection was not so good.

Any bets on whether Rollins will still be champion come WWE 2K 16

Talking about Online matchmaking. 2K promises to provide a completely revamped matchmaking experience. Because lets face it, the last one was SHIT. I wasn’t able to get a single game online during the 3 months in which I actively played WWE 2K15.

Apart from that players will also see an increase in the move sets, entrances and even creation option available in the game. The pinfall system will also be improved (though I kind of liked it), the chain wrestling system will be returning to the franchise, and a new system called Working Holds will be introduced which will affected by the stamina of the players.

Daniel Bryan’s ability in the game includes getting injured after winning at WM

Another notable addition is the seamless integration of the entrance to the actual match. WWE 2K16 promises no loading screens between the entrances and the match itself, which is sigh of relief. WWE 2K16 also promise dynamic entrances, in which you can interrupt your opponent while he is making an entrance. A feature I plan to spam as soon as I get my hands on it.

2K showcase and MyCareer will return along with WWE Universe mode. MyCareer offers a longer road this time, leading right upto your inclusion into the Hall Of Fame. Now only if they could make those filler matches mean something (I can only wish). The showcase mode on the other hand would be reportedly focusing on Stone Cold and atleast one storyline from Triple H’s career (ok that last part is unconfirmed, but I just had too).

If you want to get your hands on WWE 2K16 today. Give me a Hell Yeah!!!

Overall WWE 2K16 finally looks to be building upon the good work they had done in WWE 2K15. And once again I find myself totally pshyched out to play the game as soon as possible.

WWE 2K16 will be releasing October 30, 2015 internationally across Xbox and Playstation, I suggest you book your copy now, and get Arnold as T800 in your pre-order bonus.

No WWE 1K16 article will ever be complete without Wade Barrett
No WWE 1K16 article will ever be complete without Wade Barrett

What do you think of all these improvements. Do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you have any more suggestions. Let us know in the comments.

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