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Sony is hosting a conference namely “PlayStation Meeting” next month where we finally got to see the heavily rumoured PS4 NEO. However, it seems like Sony is planning to unveil not one but two new consoles at the conference.

Earlier today, images of what’s being called as a slimmer version of already slimmed PS4, PS4 Slim, has leaked via an online classifieds website Gumtree. 

The leaked pictures looks legit enough to go with, however, it still doesn’t convey its legitimacy as there’s no mention of it being a slimmer version of PS4 noted on the box.

Twitter user Shortman82, who has managed to buy the console, uploaded loads of pictures of it comparing with the original PS4 and it appears to be real enough (link to images provided below this post).

Also, The Wall Street Journal reports that “people familiar with the matter” said that Sony is planning to “introduce a new PlayStation 4 standard model alongside a high-end version next month”. Potentially, this could be the reason why Sony is cutting the production of PS4 given that “people familiar with the matter” said “Sony has cut [the] production of PlayStation 4 [in order] to adjust inventory”. Major e-commerce websites in Japan, including Sony’s own e-commerce site, listed PlayStation 4 as “out of stock”.

It could be a hoax – like the NX controller one – but I’ve never seen such kind of perfection in any hoaxes before. You can see its allegedly leaked images below:

PS4 Slim
PS4 Slim’s retail Box but it doesn’t mention any “Slim” info on it, except the image of the console itself

Backside view of the box

PS4 Slim Images
PS4 Slim in its dazzling jet black colour

Slim’s bottom view

More pictures and comparison images can be found on PushSquare.

Sony has yet to announce any such version of PS4 but it looks like the console gaint will soon uncover these two brand new consoles in the aforementioned event on September 7th.

Update: Eurogamer is claming that “the PS4 Slim will be released shortly after [PlayStation Meeting] event, later in September”. Though neither Eurogamer nor us  knows how much it will cost,however, the expectation of it being cheaper than the original PS4 is very likely.

Update: Eurogamer has confirmed that this PS4 Slim thing is for sure real.

Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter curiously paid a visit to the person who has bought the console from Gumtree.

They also posted a video of it booting up as a proof.

Watch it below:


Upcoming Update Predicition: Reading Eurogamer’s report, Sony confirmed that PS4 Slim is on the way. Sony corroborated Eurogamer’s report and said it is accurate…but they’re waiting for Eurogamer’s approval to reveal it.

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